Power Angle Blade

Grade well sites, roads, back-fill and clear snow with this sturdy, non-trip wheel loader blade. Lateral left-right angle adjustment allows you to control where you put your runoff.


The Power Angle Blade was designed to allow wheel loaders to perform heavy-duty grading. Unlike a city snow plow designed for high speeds, this blade will not to “trip” or tilt forward to let large rocks and other objects pass under it; giving the operator maximum control over the blade. Ideal for grading roads into logging and well-site areas. Operator can pivot blade to a 23 degree angle in each lateral direction from the cab. Blade control is powered by oversized, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. Rear skid shoes prevent the blade from digging into base.

Long Life

The Power Angle Blade comes equipped with a bolt-on edge that extends beyond the width of the main blade for added protection. If the bolt-on edge ever wears down, you can replace it with a new one to extend the life of your blade. All pivot points are designed to be greased to reduce friction and increase service hours.

Tech Specs

Requires third-function hydraulic circuit to actuate Power Angle control - Attachment Jumper Hoses are included with purchase of blade.
You can order your blade built to pin directly onto your loader arms, or get it coupler equipped for fast and easy attachment change-outs.
Lateral angle: 23 degrees each way.

Common Applications

  • Backfilling
  • Commercial Farms
  • Debris Clean-Up
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Feed Lots
  • Road Maintenance
  • Site Finishing
  • Utility Clean Up
  • Utility Site Prep
  • Yard Maintenance
Power Angle Blade Dimensions
Fits Loader Sizes Blade Height
Pass Width
Straight / Full Angle
Fork Weight
U.S. Pounds
30, 50 and 60 46 inches 150" straight / 138" at full angle 6,500 lbs.

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    Wheel loader removes snow and ice from work a facility with ACS Power Angle Blade. The blade in this video was built to work with the ACS Pro Series 2000 Coupler.

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