Jib Booms

The ACS Extendable Jib Boom is the most efficient attachment for safely handling large diameter pre-cast pipe and man-holes. Can be used to set pipe in some applications.

Highlights include

  * Tough tubular construction.
  * Manually extendable to multiple lengths.
  * Eliminates overhead or mobile cranes in many applications.

Two-piece booms are standard.  Three-piece booms are available options. Available in either pin-on or all coupler-equipped configuration.

Tech Specs

Common Applications

  • Pipe Handling
  • Plant/Material Handling
  • Road / Bridge Construction
  • Utility Site Prep
Jib Boom Sizes and Capacities
Size Reach Retracted
(A) in drawing below
Reach Extended
(B) in drawing below
Max Load Retracted
(A) in drawing below
Max Load Extended
(B) in drawing below
Boom Weight
All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
10 5' 8" 9' 6" 4,000 lbs 2,700 lbs 620 lbs
20 6' 5" 10' 5" 6,000 lbs 3,300 lbs 760 lbs
30 6' 5" 10' 5" 8,800 lbs 4,900 lbs 1,055 lbs
50 7' 1/4" 11' 2" 11,500 lbs 6,400 lbs 1,410 lbs
60 8' 2" 12' 2" 11,800 lbs 7,300 lbs 1,705 lbs
70/80 8' 10" 14' 3" 13,100 lbs 8,530 lbs 2,700 lbs
90 9' 4" 15' 5" 21,000 lbs 12,600 lbs 3,100 lbs
ACS Jib Boom Line Art 3/4 View


  • Coupler Configurations

    Get your attachment configured to be pinned directly to the loader arms, work with a coupler you already own or buy your attachment as a package with one of our rugged hydraulic coupler choices below.

    • Pro Series 2000

      Compact Pro Series 2000 with vertical locking pins

      Our most advanced coupler design for the 4WD loader. The compact body balances strength with performance, keeping the payload close to the loader for the closest-in CG (center of gravity) in the industry. Features the ACS original single-point hookup design for fast, smooth coupling — even on uneven terrain.

      Learn More

    • Series 1000

      Rugged Series 1000 with horizontal locking pins

      Fully-supported legacy coupler system that established our reputation. Used in private and government fleets and highly regarded for its dependability — we still make it because you still demand it.

      Learn More

    • Other Coupling Systems

      ACS manufactures couplers that are fully compatible with all popular coupler systems:

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