Loader Coupler Systems

  • Patriot Coupler: 416 and 418 Compatible

    Patriot Couplers are fully compatible with your attachments configured for JRB 416 or 418 couplers. We build & stock several Patriot Couplers at a time, which lowers our cost; and we pass the savings and fast turnaround to you.
  • Patriot Coupler: Single-Point

    Patriot Couplers are production-run versions of our built-to-order Pro Series 2000 Coupler. We build & stock several Patriot Couplers at a time, which lowers our cost, and we pass the savings on to you.
  • Pro Series 2000 Coupler

    Turn any wheel loader into a tool-carrier with ACS's full line of coupler-equipped attachments. With the flexibility of different attachments, loaders become as versatile as your job sites demand. The Interchangeability of the Pro Series 2000® allows you to easily exchange attachments among various brands of loaders.
  • Series 1000 Hydraulic Coupler

    Highly regarded for its dependability, the Series 1000 Coupler was the innovator for the quick coupler industry, introducing the concept of "single point hookup" to the marketplace. The Series 1000 also features an open frame design, full faceplate contact and heavy-duty construction.
  • 4-Point Couplers: Cat Balderson, Cat IT, Volvo and JCB

    Our 4-Point coupling system will interface seamlessly with your Volvo, Cat-IT, Cat Balderson or JCB coupler-equipped attachments. We can build your Hook-Style Coupler to fit any OEM wheel loader.

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