Series 1000 Hydraulic Coupler

Our legacy coupler system that established our reputation as the leader in attachment changeover technology. Highly regarded for its dependability — we still make it because they still demand it. Since 1968, the Series 1000 has provided outstanding service for thousands of contractors, municipalities, utilities, state agencies and all branches of the military. The Series 1000 Coupler system is available for all 4-arm and Z-bar wheel track loaders, tractor-loaderbackhoes and motor graders.

Single-Point Hookup

The Series 1000 Coupler was the innovator for the quick coupler industry, introducing the concept of “single point hookup” to the marketplace. The Series 1000 also features an open frame design, full faceplate contact and heavy-duty construction.

One loader, many tools

While you can order all of your new attachments to work as a kit with the Series 1000, we realize that you can’t just throw away the buckets you already own. That’s why we designed adapters that are both easily installed on your existing attachments and rugged enough to keep your tool arsenal fully productive.

Tech Specs

Sizing Your Coupler

ACS sizes it’s products based on OEM wheel loader specifications. View our size chart to determine the correct size coupler for your machine or call our support specialists at 1 (330) 678-2511.

Coupler Size Table
Loader Size 10
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
In U.S. Pounds
All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
Series 1000 Hydraulic Coupler 220 450 600 750 800 980 1,095 1,295 2,250
Series 1000 Manual Coupler 195 425 575 725 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Female Adapter 125 220 300 320 350 475 510 600 1,200
Broom Adapter 185 280 500 525 515 640 n.a. n.a. n.a.


  • Open Frame Construction

    Allows the operator to clearly see when coupling and uncoupling attachments. Hydraulic actuation allows the operator to lock and unlock the coupler from the cab with no need for assistance.
  • Snout Design

    Snout Design New snout design constructed of an alloy blend of material to deliver wear resistance, strength and impact resistance. Manufactured as a steel casting for consistent sizing and to create a perfect fit with every coupler. Our snout design also features an integrated base that interlocks with the attachment for increased wear resistance. Back-side of the snout has a corner radius to avoid stress and to better distribute the workload across the surface.


  • Female Adapters Series 1000

    Female Adapters Series 1000 Female adapters are ruggedly built blank frames you can install on the back of your existing attachments to make them interchangeable with the Series 1000 Coupler.
  • Female Broom Adapter

    Blank frames custom designed to install on the back of your broom attachments.
  • Third-Function Hose Kit

    Standard when a hydraulic attachment is purchased with coupler. The Third-Function Hose Kit is a hydraulic hose kit with quick disconnects that powers attachments with hydraulic functions EG: Grapple Buckets, Side-Dump Buckets, etc.


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