Loader Buckets

  • Patriot Multipurpose (4-in-1) Buckets

    Patriot Multipurpose Buckets are production-run versions of our built-to-order Asbury Multipurpose Buckets. We build & stock several Patriot Buckets at a time, which lowers our cost. We then pass the savings on to you along with a fast order delivery.
  • Patriot General Purpose Buckets

    Excellent bucket for stockpiling & re-handling sand, loose earth and small gravel. Designed specifically for budget-minded users and equipment rental fleets who want the best attachments they can get at the lowest cost.
  • ACS General Purpose Buckets

    Excellent bucket for stockpiling & re-handling sand, loose earth and small gravel.
  • Asbury General Purpose Buckets

    Heavy duty bucket for ‘first-cut earth’. Best primary digging bucket for heavy duty job applications up to 3,000 lbs. per cubic yard.
  • ACS Light Material Buckets

    Light and durable wheel loader bucket constructed of high strength steel. These hard working buckets are designed to re-handle materials up to 2,200 pounds per cubic yard such as loose ash, dry loam, solid waste, cereals/wheat, salt, gypsum, wood chips, snow and leaves under ¹normal/light conditions.
  • Asbury Material Handling Buckets

    Designed to re-handle the largest possible volume of material per carry, these hard working buckets are ideal for rehandling lighter material in harsh conditions such as frozen material or concrete work surfaces.
  • Asbury Multipurpose (4-in-1) Buckets

    The most versatile bucket on the job site. Four different specialized buckets in one attachment: A regular bucket, dozer blade, clam shell bucket and scraper.
  • Asbury Side Dump Buckets

    Parallel side-dumping for when there is less room to maneuver. Ideal for work in tight places such as tunnels, large sewers, congested city streets and commercial farms.
  • ACS Trash Grapple Buckets

    Constructed of quality, high-strength steel, these hard working trash grapple buckets are designed to re-handle light bulk materials up to 2,200 lbs. per cubic yard such as solid waste, refuse, leaves and brush ¹under normal conditions.
  • ACS Scrap Grapple Buckets

    These hard working wheel loader grapple buckets are designed to re-handle cumbersome bulk materials up to 3,000 lbs. per cubic yard such as ferrous/non-ferrous metal. The clamps both keep material confined while being handled and increase bucket capacity. Grapple clamps allow bucket to hold up to 50% more than rated capacity. Cut out sides allow grappling of long material.
  • Asbury Hot Slag Buckets

    Specified for use in slag processing centers and steel mills where extreme heat from molten material and high abrasion & impact from cooled material make one of the toughest working environments on earth.
  • Asbury Stainless Steel Buckets

    A General Purpose Bucket designed for corrosive operating applications such as battery recycling, corrosive chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Hot Slag Bucket Rebuild Program

    ACS has a rebuild program for both Asbury and non-Asbury hot slag buckets in its Kent, Ohio facility.
  • Asbury Rock Buckets

    The Asbury® line of wheel loader rock buckets is designed for severe applications such as granite, cold slag, shot rock, aggregate, coal and recycled concrete. The Asbury Rock Bucket is the finest, most durable rock bucket you can buy.

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