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The coupler with the best safety record in the market is now available in the Patriot product line for select OEMs.

The Patriot Hydraulic Excavator Coupler is rugged and compact, delivering the lowest tip radius in the industry. The patented pin-lock design keeps working forces on the frame of the coupler, not the actuating cylinder.

The coupler locks around the pin facing the cab of the excavator, giving the operator visual confirmation that the attachment is safely locked on to the coupler. As a further safety measure, there is a pilot-operated check valve to keep the coupler locked in the event of a hydraulic or electric failure. This is a dedicated “pin grabber” coupler that will be compatible to all attachments with a specific rib group.

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Tech Specs


Installs in around four hours. All necessary cylinders, valves, hoses, fittings and mounting hardware are included with the purchase of your coupler. An easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation manual is provided with every purchase. A set of pins is included to attach the coupler to your excavator stick.

OEM Availability

  • Case
  • Doosan
  • John Deere
  • Komatsu
  • Volvo
Coupler Size Table
Class Coupler Type Weight
US Pounds
Includes two pins to attach coupler to stick. All weights are approximate. Weights are estimated assuming no add-ons, options or payloads.
8-14 Metric Tons
17,600-30,800 lbs
Hydraulic. Cab operated. With Actuation Kit & Mounting Pins 500 lbs
14-18 Metric Tons
30,600-39,600 lbs
Hydraulic. Cab operated. With Actuation Kit & Mounting Pins 550 lbs
18-22 Metric Tons
39,600-48,400 lbs
Hydraulic. Cab operated. With Actuation Kit & Mounting Pins 600 lbs
22-28 Metric Tons
48,400-61,600 lbs
Hydraulic. Cab operated. With Actuation Kit & Mounting Pins 710 lbs
28-36 Metric Tons
61,600-79,200 lbs
Hydraulic. Cab operated. With Actuation Kit & Mounting Pins 1,040 lbs


  • Coupler Lift Hook

    Coupler Lift Hook Center-mount heavy duty lift hook comes standard.
  • Datum Bars

    Three sturdy datum bars connect the two halves of the coupler, providing strength to the weldment for a reliable, flex-free coupler frame.
  • Electric Switch Box

    A tamper-proof self contained switch box is provided with the coupler installation kit. This is mounted in the cab and has a locking rocker switch as well as a buzzer and a light to indicate and remind the operator the coupler is in the unlocked position.
  • Fast Changeout

    Fast Changeout Coupler design allows an experienced operator to safely change attachments on the fly in under five seconds.
  • Hydraulic Diverter Valve

    The diverter valve provided with the coupler installation kit diverts pressure from the bucket cylinder to the ACS coupler locking cylinder when the control switch is activated. The valve also contains a rectifier circuit that diverts pressure to the coupler locking cylinder when the bucket moves in any direction. This keeps the coupler cylinder always pushing in the locked position.
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