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For more than 35 years ACS has been providing world-class attachment solutions that enhance performance and safety on the job site.

Our attachment solutions are specific to your needs and are designed to fit together and work together; guaranteeing you maximum machine efficiency and the lowest delivered cost. Our team of equipment professionals has extensive experience over a wide array of applications and can provide the correct attachment solution for your needs. Top-notch customer support backs all products and services assuring a happy outcome when you deal with ACS.

We are easy to do business with. Take care of all of your construction attachment needs with the best solution provider in the industry, ACS.

ACS Products cover a wide array of machine attachments, from general material handling to highly specialized, industry-specific solutions.

ACS Industries is the fastest-growing attachment company in the United States. The Company’s foundation is built upon its financial strength and exceptional culture of achievement.

As President and CEO, Joe Zeno focuses on his vision for bringing value to the company’s customers and how to make that vision a realty for ACS and its strategic partners. Under Joe’s direction, ACS Industries has become the national leader in heavy machinery attachment solutions, helping customers to work safer and more profitably for more than 35 years.

Joe is a recognized expert in business strategy in the attachments industry. He has lectured extensively at the university level on the philosophy and practice of leadership.

An experienced pilot, he flies a Citation Jet to develop and support the Company’s customers. He is an alumnus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and is active in numerous trade and civic organizations.

ACS Global Management Team

Joseph R. Zeno, CEO
Matt Swedberg, VP Sales & Marketing
Mark LaBelle, VP of Operations
John Purdon, Chief Financial Officer
Tom Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager
Richard Bailey, Hydraulics Engineering Manager

Joe Zeno

“We’ve put a strong emphasis on becoming more competitive, innovative, and easier to do business with. We are a team of motivated, like-minded professionals always seeking to improve, to exceed expectations, and serve our customers each and every day.”

- Joe Zeno

Our History

ACS Industries, Inc., previously known as American Coupler Systems, was incorporated in Ravenna, Ohio, and, has been in continuous operation since it's founding in 1968. The company's original scope of operations was limited to sales and engineering functions only with the ultimate goal of successfully selling a proprietary wheel loader coupler system and a limited line of attachments. Early activities can only be described as missionary in nature, and, while the company somewhat succeeded in selling it's products, business was not sufficient enough to allow the company to be profitable.

Present management assumed operational control of the company in September of 1974 with the goal of moving the company to profitability and establishing the company's presence in the marketplace. Through conscientious management, and, with the help of favorable markets, ACS turned profitable for the first time in 1976 and has remained profitable each succeeding year since then.

In 1977 the company commenced manufacturing operations in rented space in Kent, Ohio. Business and profitability both accelerated, and, in 1979 the company built and opened a new factory also in Kent, Ohio. Continuing it's growth, in 1981 ACS made it's first acquisition of Asbury Industries, a high quality specialty bucket manufacturer in Bridgeville, Pa. Subsequently, all of Asbury's operations were moved to Kent, Ohio. In 1983, the company doubled the size of the factory. In 1986 the factory was expanded by 35% and the office doubled. And finally in 1996, and again in 2005 ,the office and factory was enlarged to it's present size of 100,000 square feet.

It has always been the long term goal of ACS to expand its product line through internal growth and acquisitions. With that in mind, in 1989, ACS purchased Sabine Metal and Machine of Houston, Texas, a highly regarded manufacturer of excavator buckets and rippers for dozers. Manufacturing continued in Houston until 1992 when the factory was sold and all operations moved to Kent.

Seeking to become the first, independent national competitor in the construction attachment industry, in mid 1999 ACS purchased Mann Corporation and Progressive Attachments Corporation in Seattle, Washington to broaden it's product offering.

Today, ACS Industries is firmly entrenched as the national, independent leader in the construction attachment industry. It has enjoyed many firsts, not the least of which was the introduction of attachment changeover technology to the construction equipment industry. This innovation as well as the introduction of the first single point, self aligning wheel loader coupler system and the first front locking excavator coupler system has kept ACS at the forefront of the construction attachment industry in providing innovation and value to its customers.

With reliable products preferred by most professionals, a strong balance sheet and a culture of achievement as its operating cornerstones, ACS is poised to continue its growth and market dominance into the future. ACS Industries is firmly entrenched today as the market leader. It has earned that reputation with exemplary service and the best construction attachments in the world.


Added robotic welding capability
Enlarged Ohio factory and office space to present size of 100,000 square feet. Added fully CNC machining capability.
Acquired Progressive Attachments
Acquired Mann Corporation
Acquired Sabine Metal and Machine. Continued the manufacturing of quality excavator buckets under ACS brand.
Doubled size of factory.
Acquired Asbury Industries and continued manufacturing high quality Asbury Buckets.
Built and opened new factory in Kent, OH.
ACS Industries, Inc incorporated in Ravenna, OH.

ACS Granted Patent for Wheel Loader Buckets Designed with Monolithic, Single Piece Floor

The United States Patent office has granted ACS industries Patent # US2012/0030147 A1 for the design and exclusive rights to construct Buckets using a Monolithic/ Single Piece floor. This unique design adds substantial durability and lifespan to Buckets in applications seeing High heat and the thermal effects of expansion and contraction. This concept offers Steel Mill Slag handling and extreme application customers dramatic decreases in the cost per hour of operating Loader Buckets.

ACS is proud to be recognized by Smart Business magazine as a 2012 Evolution of Manufacturing honoree for demonstrating its ability to implement cutting edge manufacturing technology and position itself to better compete in a challenging global economy.

Before 2009, ACS Industries Inc. had sold few hot slag buckets used in the production of steel to carry away the slag byproduct, in part because the company had no steel mill customers.

At the end of 2011, that situation had changed significantly ­― ACS was servicing 62 steel mills on an exclusive basis and had produced more than 360 new hot slag buckets.

How it happened boils down to the addition of new and lean manufacturing techniques.

ACS, under President and CEO Joseph Zeno, got the ball rolling in 2008 with the purchase of new semi-automatic and robotic welding technology. That same year, two of the company’s product lines were redesigned to optimize the returns from the new manufacturing technologies and provide better value for customers.

Even though the launch of the new technologies occurred during one of the worst economic times, the results were immediate, sustainable and exceeded company expectations.

During this time, ACS also concluded that there was compelling logic to redesign and remarket an existing product line so the company could better serve customers with older or legacy equipment. The acceptance of the redesigned legacy attachment line has been excellent, and sales have increased every month since the product was introduced. Some other key factors in regard to this product is that it is value-priced and ready for immediate delivery, which are important advantages in today’s competitive market.

A spring expansion of the company’s factory in Kent is planned in order to house new equipment including more robotic welders and lean manufacturing techniques so that another product line may be produced.

Company leadership also plays a large part in ACS’s success. The leadership has a unique understanding of manufacturing dynamics and is committed to the practice of value-based leadership, building a successful team of quality employees and maintaining a positive culture in which the people work and achieve.

ACS Monolithic Floor Design

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